Park over Ga 400 Atlanta HUB404

The swanky Buckhead district of Atlanta Ga is about to get a $250 million face-lift. The urban project slated for completion in 2025 and dubbed “HUB404” looks to create nine acres of greenspace by capping GA400 through the Buckhead neighborhood. compiled the following information about HUB404 and the impact it will have on the City of Atlanta, area businesses, and the community in general.

HUB404 – A Transformative Public Space

By creating nine acres of new ground, HUB404 looks to be the first multi-modal transit-oriented park of its kind in the nation. According to, the park will ebb and flow for a half-mile over the GA400 highway while linking to MARTA’s Buckhead station, the Beltline, and PATH 400 Greenway.

Included in the design are the following features intended to entice residents and visitors to leave their cars behind for an outdoor community experience:

• The Commons
• The Grand Plaza
• The Gardens
• The Amphitheater
• The Lane (an Allee)
• Cafes
• Bike Paths
• Walkways

The project creators and developers drew inspiration from Manhattan’s HighLine, Klyde Warren Park in Dallas, Chicago’s Millennium Park, among others.

Capping GA400 Highway

Ga Highway 400 creates a man-made divide through an entire neighborhood severely lacking in public greenspace and community gathering space.

The approach is not to cap the highway completely. Rather, HUB404 will engage both sides of the highway, gracefully curving from one side to the other with a contemporary design. According to Atlanta Commercial Roofing Contractors, development projects like this can stimulate communities and encourage innovative development for new commercial and residential projects.

HUB404 sets out to reunite residential and commercial districts on both sides of the highway with its elegant curving design. See the latest design of this urban development project here:

The Impact of HUB404’s Greenspace in Buckhead

This project, championed by the Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID) carries the potential to impact surrounding communities and businesses by:

• Creating over 27,000 new jobs
• Connecting neighborhoods to local commerce
• Increasing pedestrian movement throughout Atlanta by connecting multiple bike and walk paths
• Elevating the morale of surrounding communities with more greenspace
• Providing new leisure space and activity venues for all ages
• Drawing international attention, awards, and accolades

Projects like HUB404 help communities reclaim their public greenspace and reshape their economy by providing access to businesses previously isolated by a highway between them.

HUB404 is not the only highway capping project in the works for Atlanta. While planning, fundraising, and engineering are all moving forward on HUB404, Downtown Atlanta leaders are working on “The Stitch.”

HUB404 Construction Timeline Projections

The nonprofit organization dedicated to the project is called HUB404 Conservancy Inc., and they estimate a projected cost of $250 million to build with operating expenses between $1.7million and $2 million per year. This half-mile, 9-acre project is currently moving along the following timeline:

2019 – Project Definition and Brand Framework
2020 – Fund Raising
2021 – Completion of Engineering and Design Work
(Around) 2022 – Start Construction
2025 – Project Completion and Ribbon Cutting

The project has already received national and international recognition for its projected design and architecture.

In the same way Centennial Olympic Park is the green anchor and focus for economic development in Downtown Atlanta, HUB404 will be a signature park experience in the northern Atlanta area.

Highway Capping in Buckhead Ga

In this article, you discovered information about the highway capping project called HUB404, the impact it will have on the City of Atlanta, businesses throughout Buckhead, and the surrounding communities.

For those who enjoy more nature within an urban setting, walking access to local businesses, community activities, and a greater sense of connection to their community, HUB404 is the perfect addition to the City’s landscape.


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